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8-in-1 Starry Projector™

8-in-1 Starry Projector™

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8-In-1 Starry Projector:

The starry sky projector comes with f8 Display Scenarios: The Moon GalaxySky, The Romantic Aurora, The Galaxy Universe, Milky Way Galaxy, The Universe Space, The Realistic Nebula, The sea world, and The planet. It takes you to experience a different virtual world and makes you feel like you are in the starry sky even when you're staying in the room.

Noise-free & Timer Shutdown

This starlight projector works without noise, creating a soothing sleeping environment. With the timed shutdown function, you don't have to worry about wasting electricity. Insert film - turn on the projector - adjust focus. It is convenient and quick to manually change the film The simple design is perfect for children.

Unique meteor mode

In meteor mode, the starry sky projector displays random meteor effects that look very realistic, with the meteor's trajectory and speed appearing just like what one would see in a real starry sky. Meteor mode is a popular feature in starry sky projectors that creates a mysterious and romantic atmosphere, enhancing the overall ambiance of a room. Many people choose a starry sky projector precisely for the chance to experience this stunning meteor effect
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