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StrumKey Amp Hanger

StrumKey Amp Hanger

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Introducing the StrumKey Amp Hanger

The ultimate blend of rock 'n' roll soul and organizational savvy. This unique key holder, inspired by iconic guitar amplifiers, strikes the perfect chord between style and function. Crafted with the care of a luthier, each hanger boasts a classic amp facade, complete with detailed accents and a vintage finish.


The durable jack input is a clever nod to guitar plug-ins, serving as a secure home for your keys. Whether you're a musician longing for the stage or a music lover with a taste for the classics, the StrumKey Amp Hanger is sure to amplify your space and keep your keys rocking steady.


Ready to take center stage in your entryway or studio, it's not just a key holder—it's a statement.

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