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Bubble Gun

Bubble Gun

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  • Innovative Design - Featuring 64 bubble holes blowing thousands of bubbles in seconds!
  • Child Friendly - Made of non-toxic ABS material, safe around children & pets.
  • Bright - Our Limited Edition Bubble Gun has LED lights to brighten up your bubble experience! 


Keeps You Engaged and Offline: In a day and age where technology reigns, you will be able to take a break from screen time and be engaged and in the moment offline!

Child and pet-Friendly Material: This Bubble gun is made of High-quality ABS material that is durable and safe for children. Made with a round design, it doesn't have any sharp edges and therefore won't cause any injury. it also doesn't emit any strange odors.

60-Holes for various shapes and Sizes: This super fun rocket launcher bubble gun has a multitude of holes that emits numerous colorful bubbles of different shapes and sizes.
Ideal for summer & Birthday Gift: Perfect for summertime, or a birthday gift, your child and his friends will be having a blast enjoying the outdoors or be entertained during birthday parties.

Multifunctional: when it's not being used to make bubbles, you can remove the head and it can work as a fan to keep you cool!

One-click to start the bubble
Multiple operations are available, you can hold the gusset continuously, or press the gusset intermittently.

Lots of bubbles

The bubble hole can spray 7000+ colorful bubbles flying in the sky every minute.When you pull the trigger, bubbles will be ejected, the muzzle lights.

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