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Hammerhead Shark and Diver Resin Night Light

Hammerhead Shark and Diver Resin Night Light

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Hammerhead shark and diver Night Light, Epoxy and Wooden Night Lights, Epoxy Resin Wood Rustic, Home decor unique gift, Unique Gift

Dive deep in the sea, where there's hardly any light to reach, humans and creatures in nature could coexist peacefully.

More than a light lamp, this Hammerhead shark artisan light is a work of art, where a human meets a Hammerhead shark, and jellyfish inside the ocean. Their visit is peaceful and short, but enough to form a strong bond between them.

Light comes in from the top and illuminates the diver and whale in the cave. Turn on the lights at night, your room will be full of this mysterious color. The Epoxy Resin Light Lamp can be used as a desk lamp, placed on a desk or at home, and is also a good decoration. Just turn on the light and all the sorrow, loneliness, and hard work will fade away.

We have 3 sizes:
Size S: 4.7"x3.15"
Size M: 7.8"x5.12"
Size L: 10"x7"
(base included, 0.3-0.7 inches in error)

Package includes:
- Hand made Night Light
- USB cable for the light stand
- Led: 10 colors, 5W

- This product is handmade, every lamp that you receive will be a little bit different such as the texture, the color...

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