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Jellyfish Lamp™

Jellyfish Lamp™

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The Jellyfish Lamp™  features a vibrant, realistic electric light-up jellyfish made from silicone. Illuminated by colored LED lights, the light-up jellyfish tank creates an amazing effect in any room and is made of 18 LED transitioning lights.



Whether you use it specifically for ambiance or just as a relaxing night light, this Jellyfish Lamp™ is a striking addition to any room in any home. Our lamp is the perfect gift, to others or yourself.




1. Take out the Jellyfish Lamp™ and pull open the cover of the water tank, add water to the water tank and fill up without overflowing.

2. Put red volcanic beads on the top of the lamp and at the cover of the water tank

3. Remove the battery cover and insert 3 AA batteries

4. Press the "Power Switch" ON / OFF button on the back of the lamp to turn the power on / off

5. Press the "Product Switch" on the front of the lamp again, the light will turn on, and the volcanic beads will come out to play.

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