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Reactive Aromatherapy vent

Reactive Aromatherapy vent

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1. Colorful music, fragrant cars, healthy spices, fragrant colors, rhythmic, colorful pickup lights, car fragrance

2. RGB full-color light, music mode, mobile phone APP control, dynamic color light mode, multiple color modes, lasting fragrance

3. What you want, we did it, with fragrance, color and rhythm, and colorful pickup lamp car fragrance

4. The air outlet is fragrant, the air conditioner is turned on, and the back seat is also fragrant. It is colorful and dynamic, and the atmosphere in the car is full

Delicate and compact, convenient to use, not occupying space

5. 360 degree fragrance, no dead space, full of atmosphere in the car, flaring with your mood and music

6. Multiple dynamic modes, colorful price drop/monochrome/breath lamp streamer, speed APP one button adjustment is more interesting

7. Healthy spices, authoritative detection, natural fragrance, fast purification and decomposition of odor, air conditioner odor, second-hand smoke, new and old car odor, open fragrance life, 0 alcohol addition, available for pregnancy and infant

8. Small and easy to wear. Applicable to various air outlets

8. Mobile phone APP control, adjust and control multiple different lights at the same time, lighten and adjust the speed with multiple modes and colors, scan the code to download the APP, and enable more cool playing methods

9. Built in 200MAH battery, supporting charging while using

Product name: Car mounted aromatic pickup lamp

Product model: F2

Shell material: PC Product size: 6 * 6 * 5cm

Number of lamp beads: 24 Type of lamp beads: RGB

Battery capacity: 200mAh Charging interface: TYPE-C

Charging input: 5V-0.5A Charging duration: 2.5H

Operating power: 0.5W Operating duration: 3.5H

Aromatherapy type: liquid (breathable membrane perfume)/solid (polymer resin)

Duration of aromatherapy: 45-60 days


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