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Modern Doormat Welcome-Go Away Come In Doormat

Modern Doormat Welcome-Go Away Come In Doormat

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Welcome-Go Away Come In Doormat ndoor Outdoor Floor Mat Non Slip 40x60cm

This is a unique door mat that can be used to look in and walk away from which direction. Welcome to greet your guests with a guest mat and be pleasantly surprised when they read Go-Away on the same door mat when they leave home.

  • These doormats are ideal for both situations.

  • If you really want to welcome your visitors, you can make the "Come in" side of this doormat face them. However, if there are extra salesmen coming, you can flip it to show the "Go Away" side of the doormat!

  • Doormat is the first glimpse of your home new visitors will see and you’ll definitely want to make a good impression. 

  • On top of that, the doormat is your home’s first line of defence against all the debris. 

  • As well as also being an easy way to instantly make your entryway look organised and pulled together. 

  • This accessories also serve as decoration that welcome all your guests to your home with this warm and unique pattern.

  • Product descriptions:

  • Mats can be highly effective in
    trapping dirt before entering the house and reducing the amount of and
    dirt that comes into the building.

  • 0.25″ slim, making it just the right
    size for every entryway. Our unique doormats make a beautiful addition
    to your entryways, craft rooms and office spaces.

  • Perfect for any deck, patio, porch, veranda and entryway and extend a warm welcome to all who enter your home!

  • Backed with non-slip material and topped with polyester felt that is low-profile to reduce chances of tripping.

  • UV protection with high quality print will help slow the fading process in high-sunlit areas.

  • This mat is safe for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Size:40x60cm

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1x Reverse Text Doormat

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