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Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table of Elements

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Periodic table brings a new level of scientific realism. 
This original designed state-of-art will make your decor atmosphere 200% more attractive than ever. Made with 83 real elements, this periodic table brings a new effect of realism to your space.  


The design is guarantee to cause a realistic effect in your atmosphere. All the way around this piece of art will enhance presence in any room. Make it your secret piece, fragile and educational at the top of your gallery. 


With the original periodic table you can find all 83 elements made from real samples. Elements from uranium to mercury, gold and even platinum. This design is a direct inspiration from the periodic table of elements. 


The periodic table enhances entertainment for extense studying periods. Within long hours of study Periodify will still keep you entertained! Satisfied and educated whilst enjoying a perfect decor. 
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