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Personalized Music Plaque

Personalized Music Plaque

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Don't know what to get your special someone?


Remind them how you feel for them through this personalized music plaque.Wedding anniversary coming up and don't know what to get?
Custom Music Plaque | Made by Mai
Ladies wanna get creative with letting your significant other or your family know you're expecting? One of these bad boys will do the trick. Whatever the occasion make it yours, make it special.
10 Music plaque ideas | plaque, custom glass, glass plaques
Display your favorite song and album art in a sleek, innovative way. Buy one for yourself, for your significant other, a parent, a friend, buy one for ANY music lover in your life. These make excellent gifts for any occasion!
Spotify Song Art Personalized Acrylic Glass Plaque


  • Please note: The uploaded pictures are generally rectangular or square based on the guest’s picture.
  • When you receive your product, there are protective films on both sides of the acrylic glass. Please tear off the protective film on both sides before use.
  • Multi-stroke pictures are more difficult to tear, it is recommended to put the acrylic glass into the water for a few minutes, completely soaked and then torn.


  • The experience you get when you shop from us is crucial so if the experience is not what we promised you we will refund you without a question.
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