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Smart Ruler

Smart Ruler

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Elevate Your Measuring Game with Our Digital Tape Measure!

Break Free from the Norm: Our digital tape measure excels at measuring irregular surfaces, combining intelligence with speed and a sleek, non-bulky design. It's your ideal tool, no matter your profession!

8 Functions in 1 with HD LCD Display

This cutting-edge digital tape measure offers an impressive array of 8 measurement modes, including linear, arc, arbitrary curve, irregular surface, cylindrical diameter, cumulative, subtractive, and switching unit measurements.

DUKA ATuMan Little Q Electric Ruler Distance Meter HD LCD Screen Measure Tools Rechargeable Rangefinder| | - AliExpress

Versatile and Comprehensive!

It effortlessly caters to all your measurement requirements, delivering millimeter-level precision. With a unique measurement range of 0-9.99 meters, it can handle distances of up to 9.9 meters. Plus, it stores 10 sets of historical data, ensuring convenience and efficiency in your measuring tasks.



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